Blog Task 1 – Favourite Blogs

In this post I will be picking three blogs that interest me and give a brief account as to why this is.

1. Makery

markery banner
Makery Banner 

This blog has a huge involvement with their community by using their ‘The Refashioners’ campaign. This campaign creates a wide spectrum of different styles and ideas, while also promoting their followers, using a single theme a month. In doing this they are also opening themselves to a variety of people with different preferences and promoting their own design/craft sections.Makery

The Refashioners’ page

2. The Pixie Dusted Disney Freak

the pixie dusted disney freak

The Pixie Dusted Disney Freak banner

A one true love of my own has to be Disney, and this blog provides both fun Disney-related facts and aesthetically pleasing photos from Disney parks. One creditable thing this blog does that is often not present in most is offer recognition and credit to the people or pages in which it acquires it’s photo’s and facts. The writer’s love and passion for what she’s writing about creates a sense of familiarity and comfort which can be exactly what you need to wind down in the evening when catching up on your daily reading.
the pixie dusted disney freak snipet

 screenshot of The Pixie Dusted Disney Freak blog

3. The Fabric Alchemist
fabric alchemist banner

 Fabric Alchemist Banner

Again I have opted to showcase another sewing/DIY themed blog, however it displays a different way around the craft. Rather than showing many different people’s ideas in the exact same format, it keeps a fresh look each blog by branching away from long winded posts to quick snappy, simple ideas and occasionally branches away to more personal posts. It also delves into the history behind it’s ‘cosplay’ works eg. what kinds of fabrics would have been used at the time it’s based on.

fabric alchemist snipet

Exert from Fabric Alchemist blog post


That’s it for my favourite blogs! Keep an eye out for more from me by following!

-Rachel Beth

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